Trainer for Incident Management System

Bagira’s state-of-the-art CBRNE training system the BreakPoint-TIM (Trainer for Incident Management) is unique in providing a remarkably realistic, high definition, 3-D training environment for up to 200 trainees simultaneously – without exposing the participants to hazardous substances.

The simulation includes the dispersal of dangerous substances via a digital cloud in which virtual substances behave identically to their behavior in reality. They are affected by continuously changing conditions in the training scenario – including wind, rain, snow, the type of materials released, the height at which they disperse, etc.  Virtual gas acts like real gas, and affects the trainee according to his protection level and his position relative to the spreading gas. If the material typically spreads downward, the trainee will need to bend down to detect it and to measure it at the correct height.

With BreakPoint-TIM all the trainees receive roles associated with their actual jobs and responsibilities. For example, a member of a medical team could be tasked with virtually examining and treating the injured, while a member of a decontamination team would be asked to handle decon-related activities.

Bagira’s CBRNE training system is built on the company’s next-generation, field-proven, highly realistic imagery software the B-One Engine which is the basis for all Bagira’s simulators. The B-One Engine can simultaneously handle up to a hundred thousand (100,000) entities whose individual behavior is dictated by actual physical models. B-One supports numerous types of scenarios for various missions, in which trainees experience life-like simulations of actual events, including the continuously evolving realities that occur during a real attack.  It can create a virtual “live” city with traffic, pedestrians, etc., as the CBRNE-threatened arena. It provides realistic all-weather, day and night images, with the night vision images based on the specific materials’ compositions.