• Bagira Systems

    Bagira Systems

    Integrating Simulation for Mission Readiness

    Bagira designs, develops and operates simulators focusing on
    Mission Readiness.
    Bagira supports and trains over 100,000 soldiers per year.

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    JOint-fires Battle Space Simulator

    JOBSS supports forces training through all stages of the
    Joint Fires mission at all levels, from individuals up to the
    brigade and task force fire support centres.

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    MAGazine NETworked 

    Tactical Training System with an ability 
    to control, manage, and monitor the 
    trainees while providing advanced
    After Action Review (AAR) capabilities. 

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  • BreakPoint


    Large scale constructive training system

    A Virtual platform for realistic multiple force training for forces at all levels,
    in various scenarios and more than 100,000 smart entities. 

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  • BreakPoint-TIM


    Trainer for Incident Management System

    Bagira's CBRNE training system - the BreakPoint-TIM.
    Provides realistic, high definition, 3D training environment for up to 200 trainees simultaneously. 

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