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Howitzer Crew Trainer App Howitzer Crew Trainer App

Howitzer Crew Trainer App

Bagira’s HCT App supports tracking, monitoring, and evaluation of Howitzer crew activities. The App works with the HCT HW simulation system and controller in order to collect the data, measure the timing of the crew (ready for a fire, fire rate, etc.) and supply the data of the fired ammunition (fuse, fuse setting, projectile, charge).

The system is synchronized with all relevant radio systems and CCTV environment cameras inside of the crew compartment in order to ensure better After Action Review. The HCT App gives automatic grades to the crew performance according to the instructor’s defined dead-bands in comparison to the crew’s actual performances.

Based on the B-One, the HCT App provides the relevant connectivity in order to allow close loop sensor to shooter capabilities while connecting the HCT to Joint Fire App (JOBSS), to other relevant B-One training System (e.g. MAGNET), or to the user C4I/C2 and other external systems.

B-One Simulation

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