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Live Training Control App (MAGNET) Live Training Control App (MAGNET)

Live Training Control App (MAGNET)

The MAGNET “Force on Force” Control app enables the operation and control of live field training. The App allows the instructor and the observer (field-instructor) to prepare the training event, control the player’s status in real-time, manage the timeline of the exercise, and perform During and After Action Review.

The connectivity of the MAGNET magazines with the Control App enables to receipt of full data from the players on the field (e.g. ammunition status, damage, and more), change their status, send each player voice messages, and adapt the session according to the trainee’s behavior. The system is synchronized with all relevant radio systems and video cameras in the field.

Based on the B-One, the “Force on Force” Control App enables the creation of virtual events that will affect the live training and allow connectivity to other B-one training systems (e.g. Joint Fires, Tactical or Crew Trainers).